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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Top Ten Common Mistakes regarding Nebulisers

Not checking what resources Health Professionals can provide locally. 
Despite what we read in the press most NHS trusts provide knowledgeable and efficient COPD, Chest, Respiratory Clinics and its always worth checking with them first.

Self help groups such as Breathe Easy and Breathing Together can also be a source of invaluable local knowledge 
Thinking a nebuliser will work without medication 
Its a question we often get asked. People are fearful and panic buy but without medication a nebuliser is just fresh air.

Thinking tap water is safe to use in a nebuliser. 
These are powerful medical devices and should only be used under the direction of a medical professional.
Assuming spending more money equals a better therapy
It can equal a slightly quicker therapy but this doesn’t suit all and if you only nebulise occasionally what difference does a minute or two make? Some of you prefer to keep a little cash back and invest in a pocket nebuliser as well. 
Conversely hoping a budget machine will work like a hospital model.
For those of you who do have to nebulise more regularly and often, then spending a little extra is definitely cost and time effective in the long run.
Mismatching nebuliser accessories and units
In some circumstances this can work but manufactures do invest a great deal of time and expense developing their nebulisers and accessories to provide you with efficient effective therapy ( its not like socks where one size fits all )
Buying a travel nebuliser with a car lead and a battery when you never really stray far from home.
Pocket nebulisers and travel nebulisers really can give you the freedom to get out and about. But when choosing a nebuliser, be realistic.   A battery that is never used may not work 12 months after purchase. 

Thinking your nebuliser isn’t working properly when really you should be ringing your G.P.
This is just one of the reasons why Health Professionals are reluctant to prescribe home nebulisers. If after your therapy you feel no benefit, call for medical advice. Nebulisers can fail but as you are no doubt aware, anyone with a chest condition is vulnerable and your health can quickly deteriorate even after your neb therapy.
Boiling non boil-able medication chambers
Always read the instructions or feel free to call us for advice. Boiling can extend the life of some medication chambers but completely destroy others. Good practice is to keep a spare.
Letting the pan boil dry when boiling those that are !
We’ve all done it whether it’s a medication chamber or an egg. Its dangerous, expensive and messy, so do be careful. 

If we can help you avoid any of these or other mistakes then call us on 01942 701210 or you can email by clicking HERE


  1. I found this and other stuff really useful and after our little chat my wife is really pleased with the portaneb we bought.


  2. Thanks Tommy, Your wife should have everything she needs to cover the next 12 months at least except the medication of course. If you need us again please don't hesitate to call.

    Kind Regards Nigel.

  3. Boiling bits!
    I made the expensive mistake of boiling dry two Omron meshes! I though the meshes were dirty, it was the neb unit in the end! Oooops!

    Regarding nebs, People often demand home nebs because they have had quick relief in A&E or at the doctors. they thing they are the bee's knees, BUT they should only be prescribed for home use if all else fails, E.G you spend half your life in hospital, need them for regular maintenance, have brittle asthma that deteriorates rappidly, AND have a good protocol written by their consultant.
    I have strict instrutions, if two nebs don't work, it is 999 and my epipen being brittle.
    It also gives me some quality of life. I use it regularly as well.

    I have always purchased my own neb machines, as you say, it frees up resources locally. Plus having a decent Omron microneb has enabled me to travel to far flung places again e.g The Falklands and Ascension Island.


  4. Thanks for your comments, I agree with everything you've written. It was one of the reasons for starting the blog in the first place. We get so many calls from people who have seen, or tried a nebuliser, at their surgery or in A&E and either think they work without medication or fail to understand why their G.P. is reluctant to prescribe. Others just think it may help their friend. Another worrying trend is nebulisers for children with upper or lower respiratory infections. Many other countries see no problem advising a nebuliser as a first response and more and more we have to explain that in the U.K. its just not protocol and please go and see your child's doctor. Quite frightening really.

    If its any consolation you are not the first, in fact you are one of many who boil dry their chamber or mesh cap. Its so easily done.

    Nice to hear from you

    Kind Regards Nigel