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Monday, 15 April 2013

Why choose a Pari Nebuliser?

In the UK most of you are familiar with one or two of the nebuliser companies we list. The Portaneb has been used by many NHS trusts for years and is now known as the Innospire Deluxe. The AC2000 has enjoyed a similar history and despite both manufacturers having changed their company name over the years their flagship product name has remained the same. Omron nebulisers, though initially known to you through their widely used blood pressure machines, are now extremely popular and all three companies operate internationally and produce a product range for you to use at home and to suit all your needs.

So who are Pari?
Well for some of you their name is extremely familiar, you have been trusting their nebulisers to help you breath freely and maintain your quality of life for years, but we do occasionally get asked "Pari who?"

For over 100 years PARI has made a name for itself as a company specialising in treating respiratory disease and has an international reputation. Their eFlow rapid nebuliser is well known and often provided to those of you who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis or Bronchiectasis.
They have a philosophy of quality and over the years have invested well in research and development to bring you innovative products and nebuliser delivery systems. This approach is reflected throughout out their product range. You can see more about the company by clicking here.

The Pari TurboBoy SX is a compact, stylish and extremely powerful mains powered nebuliser. The high output from the smooth running compressor ensures shorter nebulisation times and a highly efficient drug delivery. To view click HERE

The Pari Boy Mobile S is designed to do all the things a portable nebuliser should. In addition to operating from any mains voltage worldwide, it can also be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in your car and has an advanced lithium rechargeable battery which has a capacity of up to 50 minutes and is rapidly recharged in around 2 hours.
For more information click HERE

The Pari Mini is rapidly increasing in popularity. It is discreet in its design and weighing in at only 360 grams, the Pari Mini packs a powerful punch, perfect for using at home, the Pari Mini comes with the extra bonus of a multi volt mains cable to use when travelling worldwide and can be purchased with an optional car lead or rechargeable battery.
You can find out more by clicking HERE

All three nebulisers are coupled with the innovative LC Sprint durable medication chamber. Affording you with an enhanced therapy, faster and more efficient treatment times, meaning more of your medication delivered during inspiration and less wastage during expiration. If you want to see exactly how this happens click here.

So next time you are searching for a nebuliser that will be effective, efficient and versatile why not check out the Pari range and see what they have to offer. With 100 years of experience and a solid international reputation they must be doing something right.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pocket Rocket is about to take off!

Wendy 10 April 2013 16:39
I love the nickname for such a wonderful piece of equipment. The Omron MicroAir is as vital a thing to carry as perhaps my mobile phone or iPod. It is convenient, simple and if I didn't have my "Pocket Rocket" I would never get to see the outside world!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Omron MicroAir "the pocket rocket"

It seems that when Phil Johnson nicknamed the Omron MicroAir "the pocket rocket" it struck a chord with quite a few of you. I must admit it took us a moment to make the connection when we got our first few calls for "the pocket rocket"! The nickname is proving quite popular and judging by the amount of calls many of you are hoping to soon be out and about but if you are still hoping for push start or a friendly face for inspiration then why not check out the Facebook links of our Kindred Spirits and see whats happening in your area.

If this sunshine is making you feel the urge to stretch your legs and you are tempted to think about venturing abroad then check out our web site as there are many portable nebulisers available. If you are still unsure then give us a call on 01942 701210 we are confident we can find one to meet you needs. 

Phil christened it such "because of the power & speed it emits the much needed vapours!"
If you're still not sure what we are talking about you can view it HERE and next time you ask for "the pocket rocket" I promise this time we will know exactly what you mean!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Portable Nebulisers for out and about

Hopefully the worst of the cold weather will soon be behind us and we can all be look forward to getting out and about. If your adventures need a nebuliser to help you on your way, there are lots to choose from on our web site. Below is a personal story from Phil Johnson, who is the Chairman of the "20-20Voice" Cancer Appeal It highlights exactly why they can be so beneficial but also comes with an word of caution.

Hi there folks, Well, as many of you probably know I bought one of the Omron MicroAir U22 portable nebulisers as I am one of those people that suddenly get 'caught short' when out and about! No, not due to the call of nature but due to shortness of breath which can be embarrassing when in company and downright frightening at any time. Hence I bought a couple of these handy little gizmo's, one for myself and one for any "20-20 Voice" Cancer Appeal members that might need to take one on holiday for 'out and about' days.
I've used mine on several occasions but I'll give you a perfect example of the uses for these little pocket nebulisers:-
Last week we went out for a family meal to celebrate my wife's birthday and we took the "Pocket Rocket" with us, just as well as the restaurant was supremely busy, thus food arrivals somewhat slow. But despite that we had a good old natter/catch up and once the starters had been dispensed with the 'mains' quickly followed. Granted, i had to go outside for some fresh air (I call it my 'non fag-break') while others enjoyed their cigarettes as the restaurant started to feel 'stuffy' to me. Now I know that all fellow 'larys' will understand what I mean by stuffy so I won't elaborate on that.

The party broke up about 10:15 and my wife and I agreed that 10 minutes on the "Pocket Rocket" in the car would be ideal before I drovehome. There we were, armed with nebules of salbutamol, Budesonide & Saline solutions, quickly rigged everything up and off we went - for 2 minutes! The batteries went dead. We looked at each other horrified, neither of us had thought to put in spare batteries 'just in case'; as  Del-boy would say, "What a pair of plonkers!"  And he would have been right too. As it happened the couple of minutes had done enough for me to drive the couple of miles home so all was sorted in the end but the point of my little note to you all out there is simple: even if you think it's the most obvious thing in the world, when you are out and and about with your own little "Pocket Rocket" check everything - especially that you have spare batteries! :-D 
I call my portable nebuliser the "Pocket Rocket" because of the power & speed it emits the much needed vapours!