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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Winter pressures Give your nebuliser its MOT

Do you find the onset of winter plays havoc with your chest condition? Damp air,dry central heating, cold, cough and flu viruses all combine to make us hide away and long for spring. So make sure you don’t get caught out.
Remember a number of nebuliser  manufactures take a well earned break over the festive season, as do delivery couriers, and we all know the post office is stretched to its limit. 
Therefore in addition to the traditional seasonal advice such as wrapping up warm, eating well, hand washing, and the flu jab, where appropriate, many of you who nebulise should consider this an ideal time to give your unit an “MOT”

You can find ours by clicking HERE

Check that you have changed the filters on your nebuliser.
If your unit has a rechargeable battery, discharge it and then recharge as per the instructions and remember never to store it unless it is fully charged.
Has your nebuliser had its annual service? Is it one that needs to be? 
Why not check out our ‘useful links’ either from the blog or the  website for other beneficial advice from kindred spirits even post a comment and add any of your own personal hints and tips below for those new to nebuliser therapy 
Don’t forget its always worth making sure you have the relevant phone numbers to hand such as your G.P., Respiratory or Asthma nurse, C.O.P.D clinic etc.
We can’t promise we have all the answers to help you stay healthy and beat the winter blues we do promise to help where we can.


  1. And, as we have recently been reminded by an internet shy but concerned customer with the festive holidays falling on a weekend your local G.P may be closed for four days over Christmas and New Year to.

    Kind Regards Nigel

  2. writing my christmas accessory list at the moment and thank you for the advice about my gp i had forgotten


  3. http://www.lunguk.org/you-and-your-lungs/you-and-your-lungs/lungs-in-cold-weather

    Another very useful link