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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Why buy a second nebuliser?

Having taken your time and chosen your first nebuliser, why would you consider a second? 
Some people have two because their second one is a portable nebuliser for getting out and about. You can discover more about what options are available HERE and guidance about just which model would suit you HERE 

There is another good reason for buying number two. All the manufacturers on our website are tried and tested. They produce nebulisers of high quality and reliability. They care about their customers, but a nebuliser is still only a machine and even those of you who take extra care to follow guidance and instructions know that occasionally machines can go wrong. So when you have become comfortable with your first why not take a moment to consider a second. This one doesn't have to be a 'work horse' so there is no need to over spend if its just for the house. Smaller, means it could fit on a bedside table, be kept at a caravan or holiday apartment even left at your nearest and dearest for when you visit. Have a look round this blog or our website http://www.evergreen-nebulizers.co.uk and if you have any questions call 01942 701210 or email HERE

Thursday, 1 September 2016

New Nebuliser

Having bought your new nebuliser here are a few basic questions which may crop up.
A few helpful key words to get you started can be found HERE
Nebuliser basics are HERE
A brief background to medications you may be prescribed HERE
A review of troubleshooting should you have an problems HERE
Accessories and how to care for them HERE
And our useful links page should you need further guidance HERE they are always happy to help.

You are welcome to call us on 01942 701210 or email HERE

Monday, 1 August 2016

Expert Patient

We were recently reminded of a post we wrote way back in 2011. You can read it HERE. It's one of many over the years we have written in order to provide you with access to information, help and advice from experts. Some have gained their expertise through education and clinical practice, others by living with the symptoms and problems you may encounter with your health. All this knowledge is there waiting to assist you to develop into an Expert Patient. Our kindred spirits and Useful links are available at national and local level and there are many self help groups on Twitter like @Wiganwarblers, a local singing for health group, as well as individuals such as Ken who are happy to offer a friendly shoulder. You can read Kens story on becoming an Expert Patient HERE

Our expertise is in nebulisers It's why over the years we have resisted temptation to diversify too far from our core knowledge. Although at first being told you need a nebuliser may seem overwhelming, in practice when selected appropriately and cared for as manufacturers instructions it can soon become part of everyday life. Add in a portable nebuliser and you can still enjoy all that life has to offer. 

Friday, 8 July 2016

MicroAir Mesh Cap

The Omron MicroAir has a mesh cap which is the most important part. 
Unlike compressor nebulisers, the Omron MicroAir U22 works with a completely different type of technology and you can read more about that HERE. It's not the only nebuliser we have that uses vibrating mesh technology, the Pari Velox despite being the new boy around is proving popular too. You can see the Pari Velox HERE and on pages around this blog

The MicroAir U22 has been helping you all get out and about for a lot longer and we have written about it many times in lots of detail, but if its new to you or need a reminder just click HERE where you will also find information about keeping it in tip top condition. Which brings us back to the Mesh Cap. Treat it well and it will serve you well. 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Nebuliser friends

Back in 2013 we wrote this piece about how the British public never failed to get behind a good cause such as fund raising for nebulisers, you can read it HERE. We are pleased to say despite recent headlines this still holds true.

Getting to grips with technology and social media has always been a little tricky for us but we took it slowly and shouted HELP when we needed it. (more often than I care to admit) Recently we were given another push by one of our customers to revisit Twitter. You can read Ken's story HERE
I can honestly say we have been bowled over by the atmosphere of friendly support, intelligent advice and community spirit. Friends are there waiting to help, at national level and more importantly at local level. Friends such as Wigan Warblers, a community choir passionate about singing for COPD and long term health conditions are just one example of how other people with long term medical conditions are waiting to reach out to you. You can find all sorts of activities and interests on Twitter whether you want to bake a cake, drink good wine, plant some bee friendly flowers or photograph your local wildlife. If you have an ambition or aspiration someone will be there to help you achieve it. So don't take my word for it why not check it out, you never know who you might find. @dggreen 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Nebulisers for Europe 2016

"Can I take my big nebuliser to ....." is a question we often get asked. All our mains powered nebulisers will work in Europe though you may need a travel adapter for the socket on the wall. The Omron C803 is the smallest which would be useful if you are flying and inexpensive if you're on a budget. You can find out HERE if it would fit in with your nebulising regime. The Omron C28 comes with its own travel bag which can prove handy but whichever mains powered nebuliser you have they should function well in Europe. There are smaller more convenient portable models available and you can see those HERE If all the football coverage has given you a hankering to take an impulsive trip to Europe then the answer is yes. You can take your "big one" 
If you need other advice about travelling with a lung condition our useful links provide a wealth of hints and tips that you can find HERE and if you want to learn from fellow travellers, its National Breathe Easy Week at British Lung Foundation why not see what you can learn right on your own doorstep by clicking HERE 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Mobile Nebulisers for 110 volts

The holiday season is here, where do you like to travel? 
Do you like to cruise? Travel the world? Explore foreign climes?One thing to consider when buying a portable nebuliser is checking the voltage in your planned destination? All our mains powered nebulisers work quite happily in Europe but if you are planning to go further a field you may need one that is 'dual voltage' 
In many countries the mains power supply is only 110 volts, you can read more about that HERE. The nebuliser you use quite happily at home may not work on your travels. Similarly if you have friends and relatives visiting from abroad they may have a problem when they plug theirs in over here. We get regular calls from people who have managed to damage theirs so its always worth asking the question before departing. You can see a list of those that are 'dual voltage' HERE You can call 01942 701210 or email HERE if you need a hand deciding. 

If you are planning a holiday don't be afraid to dream big. Just make sure you tick everything off that list before you go.