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We encourage you to post or ask any product related comments and ideas but please avoid any profanity or leaving your personal contact information such as email or phone numbers.

We look forward to hearing from you and will help where we can.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

New Year New You New Life

Imagine if you could speed up your treatment times? Think for a minute how much simpler your life would be if you weren't always searching for a mains socket to plug in? Lets pretend that a nebuliser could have only two simple parts and no fiddly bits for when you are out and about. If this all sounds to good to be true then take a look at the new Philips Innospire Go. 
Simply click HERE to see it in all its glory

New for 2017, with Philips reliability and innovative technology the Innospire Go could mean that for some of you imagining becomes a thing of the past. Take a look at the videos HERE and they will help you decide if next year really could be New Year New Life New You

If you have any questions or want to know more about the Innospire Go you can call us for a chat on 01942 701210 or email HERE 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Share the Spirit of the Festive Season

Its a little early for me but all around peoples thoughts seem to be turning to Christmas !! If you are feeling festive and shopping for cards and gifts what better place to start than our Kindred Spirits
As you can see by clicking on the links we are spoilt for choice this year, and as a charity close to my heart I have added one extra option but they are are all great guys as many of you often tell us. They work all year supporting us so maybe its time for us to support them.

British Lung Foundation http://shop.blf.org.uk/collections/blf-charity-christmas-cards

Cystic Fibrosis Trust https://www.cysticfibrosis.org.uk/get-involved/fundraising/join-our-fundraising-campaigns/christmas

Asthma UK https://www.asthma.org.uk

20-20 Voice Cancer http://www.2020cancerappeal.org

The Lewy Body Society http://www.lewybody.org/shop/

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Why buy a second nebuliser?

Having taken your time and chosen your first nebuliser, why would you consider a second? 
Some people have two because their second one is a portable nebuliser for getting out and about. You can discover more about what options are available HERE and guidance about just which model would suit you HERE 

There is another good reason for buying number two. All the manufacturers on our website are tried and tested. They produce nebulisers of high quality and reliability. They care about their customers, but a nebuliser is still only a machine and even those of you who take extra care to follow guidance and instructions know that occasionally machines can go wrong. So when you have become comfortable with your first why not take a moment to consider a second. This one doesn't have to be a 'work horse' so there is no need to over spend if its just for the house. Smaller, means it could fit on a bedside table, be kept at a caravan or holiday apartment even left at your nearest and dearest for when you visit. Have a look round this blog or our website http://www.evergreen-nebulizers.co.uk and if you have any questions call 01942 701210 or email HERE

Thursday, 1 September 2016

New Nebuliser

Having bought your new nebuliser here are a few basic questions which may crop up.
A few helpful key words to get you started can be found HERE
Nebuliser basics are HERE
A brief background to medications you may be prescribed HERE
A review of troubleshooting should you have an problems HERE
Accessories and how to care for them HERE
And our useful links page should you need further guidance HERE they are always happy to help.

You are welcome to call us on 01942 701210 or email HERE

Monday, 1 August 2016

Expert Patient

We were recently reminded of a post we wrote way back in 2011. You can read it HERE. It's one of many over the years we have written in order to provide you with access to information, help and advice from experts. Some have gained their expertise through education and clinical practice, others by living with the symptoms and problems you may encounter with your health. All this knowledge is there waiting to assist you to develop into an Expert Patient. Our kindred spirits and Useful links are available at national and local level and there are many self help groups on Twitter like @Wiganwarblers, a local singing for health group, as well as individuals such as Ken who are happy to offer a friendly shoulder. You can read Kens story on becoming an Expert Patient HERE

Our expertise is in nebulisers It's why over the years we have resisted temptation to diversify too far from our core knowledge. Although at first being told you need a nebuliser may seem overwhelming, in practice when selected appropriately and cared for as manufacturers instructions it can soon become part of everyday life. Add in a portable nebuliser and you can still enjoy all that life has to offer. 

Friday, 8 July 2016

MicroAir Mesh Cap

The Omron MicroAir has a mesh cap which is the most important part. 
Unlike compressor nebulisers, the Omron MicroAir U22 works with a completely different type of technology and you can read more about that HERE. It's not the only nebuliser we have that uses vibrating mesh technology, the Pari Velox despite being the new boy around is proving popular too. You can see the Pari Velox HERE and on pages around this blog

The MicroAir U22 has been helping you all get out and about for a lot longer and we have written about it many times in lots of detail, but if its new to you or need a reminder just click HERE where you will also find information about keeping it in tip top condition. Which brings us back to the Mesh Cap. Treat it well and it will serve you well. 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Nebuliser friends

Back in 2013 we wrote this piece about how the British public never failed to get behind a good cause such as fund raising for nebulisers, you can read it HERE. We are pleased to say despite recent headlines this still holds true.

Getting to grips with technology and social media has always been a little tricky for us but we took it slowly and shouted HELP when we needed it. (more often than I care to admit) Recently we were given another push by one of our customers to revisit Twitter. You can read Ken's story HERE
I can honestly say we have been bowled over by the atmosphere of friendly support, intelligent advice and community spirit. Friends are there waiting to help, at national level and more importantly at local level. Friends such as Wigan Warblers, a community choir passionate about singing for COPD and long term health conditions are just one example of how other people with long term medical conditions are waiting to reach out to you. You can find all sorts of activities and interests on Twitter whether you want to bake a cake, drink good wine, plant some bee friendly flowers or photograph your local wildlife. If you have an ambition or aspiration someone will be there to help you achieve it. So don't take my word for it why not check it out, you never know who you might find. @dggreen 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Nebulisers for Europe 2016

"Can I take my big nebuliser to ....." is a question we often get asked. All our mains powered nebulisers will work in Europe though you may need a travel adapter for the socket on the wall. The Omron C803 is the smallest which would be useful if you are flying and inexpensive if you're on a budget. You can find out HERE if it would fit in with your nebulising regime. The Omron C28 comes with its own travel bag which can prove handy but whichever mains powered nebuliser you have they should function well in Europe. There are smaller more convenient portable models available and you can see those HERE If all the football coverage has given you a hankering to take an impulsive trip to Europe then the answer is yes. You can take your "big one" 
If you need other advice about travelling with a lung condition our useful links provide a wealth of hints and tips that you can find HERE and if you want to learn from fellow travellers, its National Breathe Easy Week at British Lung Foundation why not see what you can learn right on your own doorstep by clicking HERE 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Mobile Nebulisers for 110 volts

The holiday season is here, where do you like to travel? 
Do you like to cruise? Travel the world? Explore foreign climes?One thing to consider when buying a portable nebuliser is checking the voltage in your planned destination? All our mains powered nebulisers work quite happily in Europe but if you are planning to go further a field you may need one that is 'dual voltage' 
In many countries the mains power supply is only 110 volts, you can read more about that HERE. The nebuliser you use quite happily at home may not work on your travels. Similarly if you have friends and relatives visiting from abroad they may have a problem when they plug theirs in over here. We get regular calls from people who have managed to damage theirs so its always worth asking the question before departing. You can see a list of those that are 'dual voltage' HERE You can call 01942 701210 or email HERE if you need a hand deciding. 

If you are planning a holiday don't be afraid to dream big. Just make sure you tick everything off that list before you go.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Nebulisers with car leads

It's a question we often get asked. Although battery nebulisers can obviously be used in a car some of you like the additional safety net of having a third option of a 12V car lead. Some of you never really wander far from your car so don't want the expense of a battery. Choosing a portable nebuliser is, as much about matching your lifestyle as matching your medication.

The Pari Mini is available with a mains lead and a car lead and you can check it by clicking HERE
You can add on a battery at a later date should you suddenly get a yearning to climb a mountain or take a cruise
The InnospireMini has both, a car lead and a battery and you can see it HERE 
There is lots of information about both these nebulisers on our Blog and our website http://evergreen-nebulizers.co.uk/index.html and if you want to chat you can call 01942 701210 or email HERE
If you have one of these in your car, there is a nebuliser to help get you out and about. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Nebulisers and nebuliser accessories for your holidays

We are all very careful when it comes to booking our holiday. We chat about the destination, shop around for the best price and count the weeks till it arrives. As the weeks roll buy we swoop up suncream, toiletries and check the weather getting more and more excited, more and more ready for that well earned break.
Our friends on our useful links, have pages on travel insurance for travelling with a medical condition as well as hints and tips to help you get the most from your holiday.
British Lung Foundation
Asthma UK
Cystic Fibrosis Trust
2020 Voice Cancer
We can help you with a nebuliser. If you're looking for a small one for your suitcase there is the Omron C803 or if its a nebuliser with a battery, a car lead or one that works at 110 Volts we have many portables to choose from HERE So don't leave it till the last minute to have a look what is available and if you already have a travel nebuliser then along with your other holiday preparations, check it's working, the battery is charging and all your accessories are in tip top condition. Don't leave it too late, you can reorder on 01942 701210 or on line HERE

Friday, 6 May 2016

So what have you got in your nebuliser box?

Having bought your new nebuliser just exactly what do you get? 
That really depends on which nebuliser you have chosen but here at Evergreen Nebulisers we aim to ensure that all you need is the prescription for your medication 
If you choose a compressor type as well as the main unit you should have a face mask and or a mouthpiece, a medication chamber (somewhere to put your medication solution), an air tube, there will be an air filter in the unit and with some nebulisers spare filters.
You can read in greater detail just what every part does and why they are as equally important as the compressor itself HERE
Nebulisers can come with additional accessories such as a battery or you can add on a car lead, some work with a completely different type of technology such as a mesh. In the description for all our nebulisers we list just whats included and if you feel you need extra accessories you can find a list HERE. Still not sure you can call us on 01942 701210 or email HERE

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lung health, Lung help

We are always blogging about our kindred spirits and useful links such as Asthma UK, the British Lung Foundation, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Voice 20-20 cancer
Why? Because everyday we speak to people who are lost, confused and overwhelmed by their diagnosis. Our kindred spirits are the experts. Expert clinical professionals as well as expert patients. The members of these organisations work tirelessly on your behalf and are there to share their knowledge, support you through your difficulties and help you find solutions, so why not click on a link and see what they have to offer. 

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust are campaigning hard for a life unlimited by cystic fibrosis for everyone affected by the condition and you can find out how they hope to make this a reality and how you can make a difference by clicking HERE
They are determined to ensure that people with Cystic Fibrosis have access to life changing treatments and you can find out more and join their campaign  by clicking HERE
Cystic fibrosis should not be a barrier that stops you from living the life you want. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust are there to provide high quality trusted information and assist those who need them most. 
Why not click on a link to find out just how you can learn more, find a friend and get involved. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Needing a Portable Nebuliser?

If you're looking for a versatile portable nebuliser then look no further than the the Pari Mini
You can read about the difference between the Pari Mini and the the Pari Boy Mobile  by clicking HERE and if you're wondering just who Pari are have a look HERE
Why do we like the Pari Mini so much?
The Pari Mini comes in to its own in many different ways. Are you looking for a lightweight, robust compressor which can nebuliser medications such as antibiotics? It's dual voltage so will take you worldwide. Do you only need a 12 V car lead? Do you only want to buy it with a rechargeable battery? With the Pari Mini you get to pick and mix you can see it HERE 
For those of you who need a tracheostomy or laryngectomy mask Pari have one of these too and it's listed HERE
Not convinced? Whatever you're nebuliser needs have a look round our blog and our website http://www.evergreen-nebulizers.co.uk. Nebulisers come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your needs, there are plenty of options and if you need our help to get out and about you can call us 
01942 701210 or email HERE 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Philips Nebuliser and COPD : Ken's story

Over the years I have struggled with constant chest infections, but for some reason, I could not get rid of them. Last  year we got a new family doctor, who had me on antibiotics, and looked back on my notes, he realised that I was getting the same sputum test results back each time.  
This was a pneumonia influenza bug, which would not go away no matter what they threw at it. The doctor said that this bug was obviously deep inside the lungs, in a place where the antibiotics could not reach. I explained that I had been in hospital with Pneumonia in 2001, and we wondered if all these infections were caused by something that had never cleared 

I also spoke about the wheezing and the distressing cough, which started  as soon as I got up each day.
The volume of mucus coming up each day was quite frightening and hurt quite a lot because I had cracked a rib, by coughing so much. In the end we discussed a nebuliser, in the hope that it would remove anything which was stuck deep inside the lungs.   
We were given the medication to use with the nebuliser, but the medical practice said that we could only borrow a portable machine for two weeks, and would need to buy our own machine, I had used one of these in hospital, but in all honesty neither my wife or I knew anything about them apart from that. We took the machine home, and the next day we asked I the local chemists about where we could buy something like this. The chemists shop did buy them in but suggested that we looked on line.  
After searching the web we came to Evergreen Nebulisers, which was based in Wigan. My wife then rang up and spoke to one of the sales people, who were very supportive and helpful. The following week wife rang back to order out own machine, and it was delivered within 24 hours.  

After using this nebulisers or 10 days I realised that I could breathe properly and was not coughing as much as I had been. I have now stopped using the machine for a while, because I have now got rid of most of the mucus and no longer sound like a pair of bagpipes with holes in the wrong place.  
I confess that I am truly amazed at the difference in my chest, and would recommend anyone with COPD to discuss getting one of these machines for home use. I would also highly recommend EverGreen Nebulisers, because they are so helpful and supportive.  
Ken is a wonderful gentleman who battles with multiple medical conditions and you can read how he remains positive and follow his blog HERE

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Portable nebulisers for high days and holidays

There is no doubt that a mains only nebuliser can help to improve your well being when recommended appropriately by your health professional. Ken has just bought his Innospire Deluxe and you can read his comments HERE
Ken struggles with multiple medical conditions and should be an inspiration to us all. You can follow his blog by clicking on this link http://linkis.com/blogspot.com/6mWbf

Choosing a nebuliser for out and about can appear a little trickier but the same rules apply. Just consider which medication you will be nebulising? How often you need your therapy? And exactly where you are planning on going? For some of you its mountain tops, for others it's the village shop. 

There are loads of clickable links throughout this blog. You have our useful links and kindred spirits standing by, our web page, our email and our phone number 01942 701210.  So what's to stop you? Why not book that holiday? 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Struggling with Asthma?

Are you struggling to get to grips with your Asthma? Then why not check out what Asthma UK have to offer?
They have lots of health advice which you can find HERE. They can help you to understand and manage your diagnosis as well the correction action to take if you are having an acute attack.
They are the UK's leading asthma research charity, working towards better treatments, diagnosis, care and hopefully one day a cure. You can find out more or donate HERE
And they campaign to improve care and quality for you. They do this by identifying and raising awareness of issues affecting people with asthma and developing practical solutions to these problems. You can read more about their work or get involved HERE
As it's the Easter holidays their helpline is currently closed but I'm sure the advice forum will be open for business as usual. There you will find lots of people with similar symptoms and issues who would be happy to help. 
If you suffer from other chest conditions our useful links may just have the answers your looking for. If you find yourself with free time this Easter holiday why not see what they have to offer? We will be back on Tuesday after the holiday should you need to get in touch 01942 701210.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

What the British Lung Foundation do for you

We often speak to customers who are confused about their diagnosis, treatment plan or how to access help which is why we always recommend you check out the British Lung Foundation. You can find out why out by clicking HERE
They are a UK charity who look after the nation’s lungs. They want to make sure that one day everyone will breathe clean air with healthy lungs. And they need you to make that happen.

Did you know?
Your right lung is a little larger than the left, to learn more about your lungs click HERE
Somebody dies from lung disease every 5 minutes, you can find the statistics HERE
In 30 years, they have spent £25m on lung research and you can read about it HERE
Their helpline answers more than 17,000 calls a year, to speak to their helpline click HERE
We find all our useful links very helpful and we know many of you do too. For confident, independent support and advice why not take a look ? They may just have answers you're searching for. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spring cleaning you nebuliser

Spring is just round the corner and as we all start to dust off the winter cobwebs don't forget to include your nebuliser. Call us on 01942 701210 for advice or find what you're looking for below. 
General guidelines can be found on this link HERE
Omron MicroAir  guidelines are HERE
The Pari Velox has its own mesh cap washer which you can see on the video HERE
For those of you with durable medication chambers you can see the cleaning regime in the picture below. By NEBULISER it means the medication chamber NOT the compressor itself!! 
Durable chambers from Pari and Omron can be cleaned the same way as the sidestream from Philips 
So what are we waiting for? Lets fling open those windows, shake off the dust and welcome in spring

Friday, 4 March 2016

Is bronchial mucus a problem?

Do you suffer from an acute or chronic disease of your lower airways? Is one of your symptoms an unproductive cough? 

Like many of our customers who have asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis or cystic fibrosis you may find a mucus clearance device beneficial in helping you clear those sticky irritating secretions that regular coughing just won't budge.
Not sure what they are or how they work? There are several pages of information on the link HERE
You can take a look at the Flutter, Pari O-Pep, and Shakers by clicking HERE on our website, call us on 01942 701210. Why not start now with a chat with your nurse, doctor or therapist or you can research through our useful links and kindred spirits to see if you would benefit too.

Monday, 29 February 2016

What are people saying about the new Pari Velox?

Well so far, and its early days as the The Pari Velox was launched 2015, the feedback from those of you who bought it is impressive. 

Comments such as how comfortable it feels in your hand, how simple it is to operate and clean, how quiet and unobtrusive it is especially when you're out and about, all reflect the German design award it won in 2015. 
The Pari Velox is still available from Pari UK

Monday, 22 February 2016

Omron C801, Omron C802, Omron C803?

Unlike some companies we strive not to stock a nebuliser if we can't stock the accessories needed to go with them. We take regular calls from those of you who have bought a compressor from the high street, internet or a large chemist group and have subsequently spent hours trying to source accessories when you need them. Take Omron as an example.

Like all Omron nebulisers if you bought a NE-C801, C802, or C803 for occasional use, you still have to change your air tubes, medication chambers, masks and filters, as you do with most compressor nebulisers available. You can read more about other manufacturers HERE and on lots of other pages throughout this blog and spares and accessories are listed HERE

For the Omron 801 you need to choose the accessories listed for the Omron C30 listed HERE 
For the Omron C802 (which many of you bought from Boots you'll need those that fit with the C803 listed HERE if you can't find what you need you can always call 01942 701210 or email HERE

Monday, 15 February 2016

Filters for Nebulisers

Most compressor type nebulisers have an inlet filter. This is the part which often gets over looked. Even those of you who change your accessories on a regular basis have been known to forget to check and change the compressors filter. So why is it important? It matters because this is where all the air to be compressed enters the unit, the filter therefore protects the unit from dust in the air and then ultimately your lungs. How often you change yours depends on how often you nebulise, manufacturers instructions and just where you choose to nebulise. Those of you with lots of fabrics, parrots and pets have found out you may have to change it more frequently than recommended. A blocked filter can also be one of the reasons your nebuliser is running slow and if you click HERE you can find hints and tips on how to look after your nebuliser properly.

You can find each of the nebuliser filters listed on the accessory page for your unit by clicking HERE and there are lots of pictures throughout the blog and on our website which you can see HERE if you're not quite sure which nebuliser you have. 
We do still keep stock of filters for some deleted nebulisers such as the Philips Portaneb and Inspiration Elite or you can always call us on 01942 701210 if you're still not sure

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Portaneb Omron Pari Philips or Medix

Here’s a little tongue in cheek story sent in by one of our customers
“Often found in the draining board region of the kitchen ‘the baffle’ is a rare thing to behold. Sometimes known by its other name the vaporiser head or most often by its pet name “the thing in the middle”. They are quite rare and there is only one in every nebuliser kit.

By documenting such a rare item I am trying to highlight just how vital this component is to an effective nebuliser therapy and remind everyone that life just wouldn’t be the same were it to become lost forever.”
So help us help you, by taking great care of this mysterious and wonderful thing. Portaneb, Innospire, Omron, Pari or Medix, you can all do your bit by taking good care of your nebuliser accessories. If you click HERE you can just see the vaporiser head in its natural habitat 

Monday, 1 February 2016

Why buy an Omron C900 nebuliser?

Fed up of losing your vaporiser head or baffle from the middle of your medication chamber? Then why not take a look at the Omron C900 with its simple SSK kit and you can read why this is such a useful idea HERE

Or are you looking to replace your Actineb nebuliser now they are no longer available? Then the C900 could fit the bill. When used with the SSK kit it provides you with a very reliable efficient therapy but it is also powerful enough to run with most other air tubes, medication chambers and masks which you may have around. 

Robust, simple and it delivers what it promises. If this is what you are looking for then the C900 has the  answer.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Vaporiser heads, baffles and bows

Whatever the name you give to that small umbrella shaped piece of plastic that fits into your nebuliser medication chamber it won’t mist without it. 
We get many calls from those of you who have lost the “middle part” of your medication chamber and apart from the Omron C900 most compressor nebulisers have one. It's the part that does all the work, turning your liquid medication into a mist, and would have been there when you purchased your nebuliser. You can just see the blue one sitting in the Omron C28 VVT kit 

Our nebuliser spares and accessories are listed HERE by manufacturer and model type and you can find general cleaning guidelines HERE, trouble shooting HERE. And if you’re still unsure you can always call us on 01942 701210 or email HERE. Lastly, apologies if we tell you to “put a knot in it “ its not that we don’t appreciate your call its just the best way to ensure the elastic stays in your face mask. 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Portaneb accessories are still available

As you are all becoming aware, the Portaneb was replaced in spring 2014 with the Innospire Deluxe and you can view and purchase that range by clicking HERE.

The Portaneb was trusted by many of you and if not in use everyday then it was dragged out of a wardrobe every winter. Accessories are still available and the sidestream chamber, duratube, face mask, mouthpiece and filters can all be found by clicking HERE. They do need changing regularly if you want your Portaneb to continue giving the you the best therapy it can.

And for those of you who haven't a clue what we're talking about the picture below, although maybe not yet an iconic image, does bring a feeling of affection for many.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Searching for a Portaneb nebuliser?

Are you searching for a Portaneb Sidestream or a Portaneb Ventstream ? Then take a look at what's been happening HERE

Philips Respironics as they are now known upgraded the trusty Portaneb in the spring of 2014 to the Innospire Deluxe and it's proving very popular. It still uses Sidestream accessories which are listed HERE only the filters are different but if you scroll down the page we still have Portaneb filters listed under Portaneb accessories.

Whether your Portaneb is a Medic Aid, Profile or Respironics they all now come under the heading of Philips Respironics and if its getting a little tired and you're looking to up date your nebuliser, then you can still have the same quality and confidence in the Innospire Range

And if you're still not sure you can email HERE or call us on 01942 701210 Hope this helps.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

New Year New You?

One New Year resolution often heard at this time of year is to eat well, exercise more and stay as healthy as possible, which isn't always easy when the minute January hits we all start to suffer seasonal coughs colds and sniffles. As we have posted often before a nebuliser isn't always the answer. It is a medical device and the medicine required for it, is only available in the UK on prescription. To find out more click HERE

Complimentary therapists do recommend nebulisers from time to time, however we don't have the knowledge base or expertise to discuss a suggested therapy but if you have sourced reputable advice we can help you choose which nebuliser would suit you HERE

There are many types of complimentary or alternative treatments not all of which involve nebulisation. 
NHS Choices have some useful advice which you can read HERE and our useful links have pages of sensible advice to help you deal with your particular symptoms which are personal to you. 
Feedback from customers tells us that many of you are searching for alternative solutions that can will help with general well being when taken alongside your prescription medication. There is lots of information around on these PAGES are one or two people we have met along the way. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New Year New Nebuliser New You

So, its the start of 2016 and most of you will be full of New Year Resolutions. We have one or two including aiming to keep you as updated as possible through this blog and to continue to provide you with the best possible nebuliser service and advice available.
We can do this by keeping in touch with our manufacturers who, as always, support us so we in turn can support you.
Philips Respironics

Customer experience is also important to us and much of the advice we feed back to manufacturers and new customers comes from you, wether its on HERE or over the phone. What you have to say matters and if there is a different way of approaching a problem, coping with a symptom or achieving the best results from a product we are happy to hear it and share. Feedback is always useful.

Our Kindred Spirits have web pages and forums which are full of independent tips hints and useful information too.
You can find them on the right hand side of this blog or contact them through our Useful Links page by clicking HERE

So, if you have just been diagnosed with a chest condition and recommended to purchase a nebuliser or 
mucus clearance device, looking to up date or upgrade an old one or simply trying to help a friend, then why not give us a call on 01942 701210 or drop us an email HERE With 26 years of own experience plus a wealth of customer and manufacturer support we may just be able to help.