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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nebulisers, would you benefit?

Well what a difference a few weeks can make, it has turned from the coldest spring to what may become the hottest summer in a while.

If you are struggling with an exacerbation of your chest condition or having any difficulty breathing the first priority has to be to seek medical help from your G.P. Respiratory Nurse or Asthma Nurse. 

There is also plenty of hints and tips on how to manage in the heat on our kindred sprits websites as well as large communities of fellow sufferers who have developed their own coping strategies over the years which you may find useful. 

We have seen an increase in calls about nebulisers and for some, once you have been assessed by your medical professional, a nebuliser may provide vital relief but you do need that all important prescription first. As with our mucus clearance devices, although they don't need medicine there are contra indications and they aren't suitable for everyone. So its worth just asking a few questions before you invest in a nebuliser, shaker or flutter

If you get the go ahead, there is lots of information throughout this blog, you can view our full range HERE or for frequently asked questions and answers click here which will help you choose the product to fit your needs as well as lots of independent advice from our kindred spirits

In the meantime for those of you that can, relax and enjoy it and if you are struggling remember it won't last forever this is the U.K. after all ! 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Kindred Spirits and Useful Links

Here at Evergreen we have always stressed how helpful many of you find our kindred spirits and useful links, and for our customers who seem alone, lost or confused we have always recommened you approach anyone of these organisations. Well recently, we were in a position where we needed help and guidance and the first people we turned to were AGE UK. They were a mine of useful information as well as practical support and we would like to use this platform to once again say a massive THANK YOU. They made a difficult situation much more straight forward and easier to manage. 

So if you are floundering at all, whatever the issue, don't forget you have friends out there who can help. Why not give them a chance and contact our useful links