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Thursday, 26 September 2013

The return of the Pulse Oximeter

Ever since we deleted the fingertip pulse oximeter from our range we have continued to take calls from many of you asking “why we no longer supply them” and “do we know anywhere you can buy one ?” After a lot of searching we are now happy to be able to announce that we have two splendid models available for you, both are reliable, accurate and come with a 3 year warranty. 
The PO 30 and the PO 80

You can read lots of information by clicking HERE as to just why a pulse oximeter may prove a useful tool to help you monitor your symptoms.

The PO 30 is simple to operate and has an easy to read colour screen which you can rotate to 6 different views, with the added advantage of an adjustable brightness display. The automatic cut off switch helps to save battery life and the low battery indicator lets you know when its time for a change. Light enough at under 60 grams and small enough to pop in your pocket, the PO 30 comes complete with 2 AAA batteries, a lanyard and a handy belt pouch for if you are out and about. 

If feeling short of breath has become part and parcel of your daily life the PO 30 is smartly designed, useful and beneficial, wether you are buying it for yourself a friend or relative, a fingertip pulse oximeter could help to bring you peace of mind.

You can see just how useful and well design it is by clicking HERE and as always if you need to call us you can ring 01942 701210 or email by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Complimentary Therapists

As promised, on this page we aim to build a comprehensive page of Complimentary Therapists so you can access what they have to offer and provide a starting point for your research.

Victoria Smith specialises in Aloe Vera products and tells us 
"That for many centuries it has been used for its healing properties and health benefits. No one quite knows why Aloe is as powerful as it is in addressing a number of conditions but it may be the 75 balanced nutrients that it contains. Aloe works with our immune system, replenishing the nutrients in our bodies as required." To find out what she has to offer HERE, or call for advice on 07739129194 or email HERE

Future Health Management  is Christina Martin and she specialises in naturopathy and nutritional therapy. She  uses all of her therapies collectively to assess and support her client’s nutritional requirements. She is qualified in her field and passionate about her work. You can read more about her and what she has to offer HERE

and you can find more information about nebulisers and complimentary therapy HERE

Complimentary Therapies and Nebulisers

We take calls many times a month from those of you who have spoken to practitioners of complimentary therapies and have been recommended a therapy via a nebuliser. As we have written previously we can certainly help you choose a nebuliser, have a chat about how it works and how it will fit into your lifestyle, but we don't have the knowledge base or expertise to discuss the suggested therapy and these are questions you must put to your practitioner. 
You can check out more information and some of the questions you may want to ask your therapist HERE

A nebuliser is a medical device and can have serious side effects, as could the medicine or therapy you choose to use in it. In the U.K. nebulisers and nebuliser medications are licensed and monitored by the
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

The British Lung Foundation have some really good advice about complimentary therapies which you can find HERE or you could have a chat in any of the forums on our useful links

We also get approached quite often by therapist themselves and although we have said no in the past, we feel in response to demand, its now time to set up a dedicated page for those of you who are interested. You can find their links and a little bit about their practice by clicking HERE, using the search facility, or the label on the right hand side of this page. If any therapist want to get back in touch about being added to the list you can email HERE

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Helping out a friend.

If you have any energy left after all your valiant efforts raising funds for nebulisers, or simply feel inspired to get involved, our kindred spirits have a whole bunch of wonderful activities waiting for you to come along and join in. It can be as simply as clearing out and recycling your old clothes or why not set yourself a challenge and join in a 100 mile cycle race! Just think of it as helping out a friend.

You can check out what your favourite charity has lined up on the clickable red links below.

Asthma UK

British Lung Foundation

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

"20-20 Voice" Cancer Appeal