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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Nebulisers with car leads

It's a question we often get asked. Although battery nebulisers can obviously be used in a car some of you like the additional safety net of having a third option of a 12V car lead. Some of you never really wander far from your car so don't want the expense of a battery. Choosing a portable nebuliser is, as much about matching your lifestyle as matching your medication.

The Pari Mini is available with a mains lead and a car lead and you can check it by clicking HERE
You can add on a battery at a later date should you suddenly get a yearning to climb a mountain or take a cruise
The InnospireMini has both, a car lead and a battery and you can see it HERE 
There is lots of information about both these nebulisers on our Blog and our website http://evergreen-nebulizers.co.uk/index.html and if you want to chat you can call 01942 701210 or email HERE
If you have one of these in your car, there is a nebuliser to help get you out and about. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Nebulisers and nebuliser accessories for your holidays

We are all very careful when it comes to booking our holiday. We chat about the destination, shop around for the best price and count the weeks till it arrives. As the weeks roll buy we swoop up suncream, toiletries and check the weather getting more and more excited, more and more ready for that well earned break.
Our friends on our useful links, have pages on travel insurance for travelling with a medical condition as well as hints and tips to help you get the most from your holiday.
British Lung Foundation
Asthma UK
Cystic Fibrosis Trust
2020 Voice Cancer
We can help you with a nebuliser. If you're looking for a small one for your suitcase there is the Omron C803 or if its a nebuliser with a battery, a car lead or one that works at 110 Volts we have many portables to choose from HERE So don't leave it till the last minute to have a look what is available and if you already have a travel nebuliser then along with your other holiday preparations, check it's working, the battery is charging and all your accessories are in tip top condition. Don't leave it too late, you can reorder on 01942 701210 or on line HERE

Friday, 6 May 2016

So what have you got in your nebuliser box?

Having bought your new nebuliser just exactly what do you get? 
That really depends on which nebuliser you have chosen but here at Evergreen Nebulisers we aim to ensure that all you need is the prescription for your medication 
If you choose a compressor type as well as the main unit you should have a face mask and or a mouthpiece, a medication chamber (somewhere to put your medication solution), an air tube, there will be an air filter in the unit and with some nebulisers spare filters.
You can read in greater detail just what every part does and why they are as equally important as the compressor itself HERE
Nebulisers can come with additional accessories such as a battery or you can add on a car lead, some work with a completely different type of technology such as a mesh. In the description for all our nebulisers we list just whats included and if you feel you need extra accessories you can find a list HERE. Still not sure you can call us on 01942 701210 or email HERE