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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nebulisers. Why should you have to buy one?

For many of you over the last few years a loan machine hasn't always been an option. For some they are just not an option as the N.H.S. struggles to balance its budget, for others its a matter of choice. This may be set to become more common place following recent headlines:
"Government spending plans will test the NHS and social services in England to the limit, according to a report by the Commons Health Select Committee." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health 15/12/2010
As a company we speak to many Respiratory Specialists and for many patients, once clinically assessed, a standard mains only nebuliser can be provided on loan but this varies from region to region and season to season. If you do need to buy one you can see our full range HERE

Historically there are many reasons why supply dries up, for example:
Not everyone treats a loan machine with the respect it deserves (and as service agents to the N.H.S. we have often seen first hand evidence of this) 
Not everyone returns them when a family member no longer needs it or moves out of area. 
Winter Pressures can cause a sudden spike in demand

So what are some of your reasons for buying your own nebuliser? 
Choice: As we have discussed previous blogs  one type doesn’t necessarily suit all, so you can decide on the nebuliser that best fits in with your lifestyle.

Personal Responsibility: We have all been encouraged towards becoming Expert Patients, taking control of your long term condition and not letting it control you.
And Kindness: We have over the years heard from many of you who feel that being fortunate enough to be able to purchase your own unit, you are reducing demand and making loan nebulisers accessible for others
These are just some of the many opinions we have heard during our years supplying nebuliser users
The rights and wrongs  of whether you should have to, or want to, purchase your own unit can be argued endlessly and passionately so please feel free to post and share your experiences or add your comments here http://blog.asthma.org.uk/your_ideas_wanted.html

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