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Thursday, 21 February 2013

"20-20 Voice" Cancer Appeal

A message from Phil Johnson and the "20-20 Voice" Cancer Appeal

"Thank you for that delightful synopsis Nigel and can I appeal to all 'larys' out there, all supporters or friends of larys for their help. We need helpers/supporters/agents in all parts of the country. Can you host a collection tub in your pub, can your landlord/lady? Can you & your landlord/lady organise a raffle in your pub or perhaps a Karaoke night or even a music night to raise funds for "20-20 Voice" Cancer Appeal. We are on facebook too for easy contact: "


He is hoping to hear from you soon 

Monday, 11 February 2013

"20-20 Voice" Cancer Appeal

Today I had a lovely conversation with a gentleman called Phil Johnson. Phil is the chairman of the "20-20 Voice" Cancer Appeal

Conversation is something we often take for granted but for some of you it can prove difficult. Often an acute shortness of breath can make it very difficult to express your needs or ask for help. In fact with many lung diseases its one of the danger signs that all is not well. If you have difficulty forming a sentence without gasping in between words then you should always seek medical advice.

Then imagine not being able to speak at all. Cancer is always an overwhelming diagnosis but if its cancer of the head or neck one outcome of your treatment could be or a stoma or hole in your throat, a tracheostomy, or laryngectomy which may leave you without the ability to speak.

ENT cancer is often overlooked. Fund raising and publicity quite sparse. That's where the "20-20 Voice" Cancer Appeal comes in.
Their aim is to provide up to the minute camera technology to ENT units nationwide. Early detection gives head & neck patients the best chance of retaining the power of speech. It gives ENT specialists not only the opportunity of an early diagnosis but the opportunity of immediate treatment which saves the patient unnecessary stress, providing a greater chance of avoiding major surgery and therefore saving hospitals valuable time and money. Their aim is to ensure that Head & Neck cancers get more acknowledgement
If you feel you could help or would simply like to find out more then why not click on the link below.