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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Shaker, Flutter or the Pari O-PEP ?

Do you have difficulty clearing sputum or phlegm from your lungs? Then one of these devices may be recommended as part of your treatment. 
What is the Flutter
Its a pipe shaped device made up of four parts: a mouth piece, a semicircular cone, a steel ball and a perforated cover.   

The Pari O-PEP is a similar shape to the Flutter but comes with a handy red bag  

The Shaker
Is available in the 'classic' shape or as the new deluxe version with its more comfortable mouthpiece
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How do they work? 
When you breathe out through either device, pressure builds up in your lungs, helping to keep the airways open wide and allowing air to get behind the sputum, moving it upwards. The vibrations transmitted through the chest wall from the device help to loosen any sputum stuck to the sides of the airways.

Are there any risks?
The Flutter, the Shaker and the Pari O-PEP are not suitable if you suffer from Pneumothorax, Tuberculosis, Right Sided Heart Failure or if you have been coughing up blood and although we are not aware of any reported problems with these airway clearance techniques, if you are worried about your chest, become short of breath, or have chest pain it is important that you contact you Health Professional without delay.

So how do you use it? 
Your health professional should show you how to use these devices and each unit comes with full instructions, but as a rough guide;

Treatment can be carried out in sitting or any postural drainage position (where possible).
Relaxing your stomach muscles take a few normal breaths before starting.
Close your lips around the mouthpiece and make sure to make a  good seal.
Start by taking a slightly bigger than normal breath in through your nose, then breathe out through the device. You may feel vibrations on your chest wall.
Repeat this eight to ten times. You should then put the device down and cough to clear any sputum. Then relax before starting again.
Aim to continue for about 15  minutes or until you have cleared all your sputum.

Is it easy to clean?
As with all airway clearance devices it is very important that equipment is kept clean to prevent infection therefore both products should be taken apart every day and cleaned according to manufactures instructions. Hot soapy water is all you will need. Dry throughly and remember to take care when reassembling the Flutter as it could crack if dropped on a hard surface. 

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  1. Thanks to Lavinia for her feedback :

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your excellent service. I needed a replacement acapella, it was going to cost me a fortune, plus the company i had to get it from online (there only seems to be one in the UK) wanted £20+ postage, for an item weighing a few ounces, when i complained about this, i was told as i lived off mainland thats what i had to pay - i live in Northern Ireland, which is part of uk and our postal rates are identical to rest of UK and we use royal mail, i decided to look around to find another seller.  I couldn’t so phoned my respiratory nurse, who told me about you and the RC Cornet, so i ordered one last thursday, i think, paid via paypal, which is brilliant, saves all that card filling stuff, and the cornet appeared next morning!! fantastic service and fantastic price.  also i have to be honest and admit, it does a far better job than the acapella.  But if you sold those, u would make a fortune, as the co. that sells them online, charge £54 for them, £10+ postage for mainland uk and £20+ for off mainland.
    so thank you again so much for your excellent service, have been telling everyone about you, so expect a few new orders shortly. Kind regards  Lavinia from Fermanagh x