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Monday, 31 October 2011

Be Prepared.

With the clocks going back and everyone preparing to batten down the hatches, the high street has for a while been gathering in Christmas stock alongside Halloween and Fireworks. Possibly a little early but as you have no doubt gathered from previous posts on this blog our motto for nebulisers is be prepared too.

Christmas cards can be a great way to help raise awareness whilst helping to raise money for your favoured charity. 

Why not choose some from those offered by our Kindred Spirits They have a wide range of festive designs and will spread a little Christmas cheer to.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Nebuliser MOT Spares and Accessories

It’s that time of year again.

With flu alerts, weather warnings, dark mornings and a general feeling that winter is well on its way, now would be a good time to give your nebuliser an MOT.

Has your nebuliser had its annual service? Some units need need to be serviced in order to provide you with an efficient therapy. You can call us on 01942 701210 or the manufacturer if you are not sure.

Have you changed the filters on your nebuliser. Your instruction manual will provide a guideline about how often this is required, common sense tells you that the more you nebulise the more frequently they will need to be changed.

If your unit has a rechargeable battery, discharge it and then recharge as per the instructions and remember never to store it unless it is fully charged.

And probably the most important thing to remember is to check your Spares and Accessories. Medication chambers, Air tubes, Drive lines, Masks and Mouthpieces are a vital part of any nebuliser and need to be cleaned, cared for and changed regularly. You can stock up by clicking HERE

We have had several calls recently from customers who have been using the same medication chambers for over two years. Although this adds up to value for money it can cause problems with repeated cross infection and after such a long time they are more than likely to stop functioning efficiently.

You can find a rough guideline to which type you may have, how to care for your accessories and how often they need changing HERE .

And if you find winter brings with it increasing problems with excess mucus or phlegm such as following a chest infection or even a cold, which can leave you suffering with sinusitis, then why not check out our Mucus Clearance Devices. These are products which require no medication and many of you find extremely beneficial.

HERE  you can find even more simple but brilliant tips to help you beat those winter blues.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nebuliser Blog. One Year On

Its nearly a year since we started this Evergreen Nebuliser blog and judging by our user statistics and your comments both on the blog and over the phone many of you are finding it very useful.

We are really pleased it is having such a positive effect and helping to clear up some of the confusion and misunderstanding that surround nebulisers and their related products, as well as giving some of you the confidence to step out and find a whole new independent way of life.

Our Kindred Spirits have also proved very popular. 
Having been in the nebuliser business for over twenty years as well as having lots of experience working with and within the NHS we occasionally forget that for some people being diagnosed with a new medical condition can be isolating and frightening. We have long been aware that there is a wealth of information available for you to access for any number of medical conditions but for some of you it has come as a life line to realise that there are independent organisations just waiting to help.

And of course its not all one way. If we can assist you to buy the right nebuliser or product to suit your individual needs  then we have a happy customer. Customer relations have always been important to our business and will continue to be so. We in turn would like to thank our suppliers for their support in helping us to help you.

But mainly and most importantly we would like to thank you for all your feedback.

As customers you are the ones who use our products day in day out and your opinion of their benefits and performance is always valued. It is that knowledge and experience that we take on board and use to assist our new customers. You help us to continually reassess each product, revising our catalogue where necessary and on a lighter note is also always lovely to hear your stories, ditties and general out and about chat, so thank you again for keeping in touch.

If you need to talk to us at all, be it to review a product, share an experience or ask advice, we are here to listen and for those of you to shy to post below as always you can email or call us on 01942 701210.