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Monday, 28 February 2011

Nebulisers for under for under £50

One of the most common mistakes made when purchasing a nebuliser is not considering how often you will need to nebulise. 

Nebuliser therapy for some is needed only as and when. A number of you struggle during the harsh winter months, for others hot summers can be a trigger and many of you nebulise only when you have a chest infection or an acute exacerbation. This means that for a great part of the year your nebuliser will sit unused in a cupboard. 
Spending more money doesn’t always equal a better therapy. It can produce a slightly quicker therapy but this doesn’t suit all and if you only nebulise occasionally what difference does a minute or two make? Why buy a Rolls Royce and then leave it in the garage? 
How do you decide? Even though you maybe looking to spend less it’s always wise to stick with one of the major manufactures because there will come a time when you need to replace your accessories, and even though you may only use it occasionally, a three year warranty may be invaluable. 
Nebulisers made by Philips Respironics such as the Innospire Deluxe have a solid reputation amongst many heath professionals and they produce the Innospire Essence. Smaller than the Portaneb but equally reliable, it comes with a disposable Sidestream chamber though it is compatible with the reusable Sidestream if you prefer. It’s robust, compact, lightweight and its new price of £49 makes it excellent value and you can check it out by clicking HERE
Then there is the Omron C803 recently launched which is dual voltage and be seen by clicking HERE or the Omron CompAir C28 with its boil-able VVT nebuliser kit which is stylish lightweight and easy to clean. Both units also carry three year warranties and you can see them HERE
For those of you who do have to nebulise more regularly and often, then spending a little extra is definitely cost and time effective in the long run, but if this isn’t you then why not keep a little cash back to treat yourself or maybe invest in a portable  pocket nebuliser as well. Why not take a look at our full range by clicking HERE

Finding the right unit to meet your needs is much more important than how much you spend. So consider carefully and as always if you need to know more we are here to help

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Prescription Payment Certificates

Nebuliser medication when prescribed for home use is often prescribed long term, so, having purchased your own nebuliser whatever the reason and having been prescribed the medication is there anything you can do about reducing the cost, which in England is set to rise by another 20p April 2011.
First question to ask is are you entitled to free prescriptions? 
This covers certain age groups, pregnant woman, holders of a valid medical exemption certificate, those of you who receive specified  government allowances and benefits, but only some  medical conditions
You can find more details here:
If you are you are on a low income you may also be able to apply for help with payment and those details can also be found on the link above. 
If non of these apply to you, then the next thing to consider is a Prescription Payment Certificate (PPC).  If you have to pay for four or more prescriptions in three months, or 15 or more items in 12 months, you may find it a cheaper option. 
Asthma UK have recently been asking the Health Minister a lot of questions on your behalf. They, along with the Prescription Charges Coalition , have campaigned for many years looking for reform of the prescription charge system in order to make it fairer for more of you with long term medical conditions and to raise awareness of the PPC. 
The PPC can be obtained on line, by phone, by post or at a registered pharmacy. 

Why not find out more and see if you can make a saving. 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What is the new Sidestream Plus?

It is the new generation of Ventstream.
reusable jet nebuliser system specifically designed for the delivery of inhaled steroids and antibiotics. It produces a consistent high quality mist of which nearly 70% is less than 4 microns, it reduces treatment times and responds to your breathing pattern. 
So what are the benefits of using a specialist nebuliser system such as the LC Sprint or Sidestream Plus for nebulising steroids and antibiotics? 
Inhaled steroids and antibiotics are often stickier than standard nebuliser medication and can take longer to nebulise.  Because of this you need either a high powered unit or a specialist medication chamber to speed up your treatment time making life better for you and putting less strain on your compressors motor.
Does size matter? In the nebuliser world it does. The smaller the micron size of the mist means a greater percentage of your medication reaches your lower airways which is where you want it to be, not lost in your mouth or stomach. 
The LC Sprint nebuliser chamber is also often recommend by many health professionals to those of you who nebulise steroids or antibiotics and when teamed with the Pari TurboBoy Pari Mini or Pari Boy Mobile S it proves to be very efficient and effective when tested by independent experts
Both systems are breath activated which means you receive more medication when you breathe in and waste less when breathing out, but this does mean getting used to a mouthpiece. If this does prove tricky then choose a high pressure machine but you may run the risk of environmental contamination or in other words sticky antibiotic settling all over your furniture or even worse your nearest and dearest breathing in your excess medication.
You can see the Pari LC Sprint here:

And the Sidestream Plus here:
Most health professionals recommend for nebulising steroids and antibiotics you use a closed system. This can be either the exhaust hose which comes with the Sidestream Plus or the filter and filter pads which can be bought for either design. 
For some of you this may never be a concern as standard medications can mostly be nebulised safely with mask or mouthpiece and the major manufactures put a great deal of effort and technology into ensuring you get an efficient effective therapy whether that is delivered by medication chamber design or a high pressure unit. 
As always your health professional will be able to advise which system will be better suited to the medication you are prescribed but if we can help at all please give us a call 01942 701210 or to drop us an email click HERE

Sunday, 20 February 2011

So what do you really know about your nebuliser medication?

Previously we have looked at how the medication you are prescribed can effect the choice of nebuliser that you may need to buy. But what do you really know about your prescription? 
Unfamiliar words and best practice instructions don’t always get your undivided attention when you are distracted by the anxiety and worry of coming to terms with a new and possibly long term illness. Added to that is the stress of having to learn to live with a “new machine”. Initially it can seem overwhelming and confusing but the best place to start for advice is always with those closest to you. 
Your local pharmacist will know your medication history as well as everything there is to know about your prescription, so why not start there.

The health professional who suggested this course of treatment will know you and just what benefit they hope you will achieve from having a nebuliser.  
Which nebuliser to choose? Your health professional may recommend a particular unit but if not we are always happy to helphttp://evergreen-nebulizers.co.uk 01942 701210
Medications are used to treat, prevent or control an illness. Some such as Salbutamol are used in breathing disorders to relax the muscles in the airways of your lungs, helping to keep the airways open and making it easier to breathe, and can bring almost immediate relief from your symptoms. Others like Ipratropium take longer to become effective but the effect lasts longer if taken at routine prescribed intervals through the day. 
Nebulised saline (0.9% saline) is used to aid airway clearance and sputum induction in a variety of respiratory disorders, such as cystic fibrosis and bronchioectasis, and occasionally you may be recommended a stronger solution  for short or long term use. It is also prescribed to provide moisture for those of you with a laryngectomy or tracheostomy
Medicines such as Pulmicort are used to prevent attacks of breathlessness by reducing inflammation in your airways while others such as Colomycin are used to reduce any infection by killing certain types of bacteria. Both have very different usage and storage instructions and carry their own warnings. 
All medications carry risks and not all are suitable for everyone. Again your pharmacist or health professional will be able to provide you any with specialist knowledge. Don’t be afraid of asking even if it may seem a silly question. They know you and your condition best. 
If you want to read more about your medication then check out these links:
 http://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/                             http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Pages/hub.aspx 
If you want to contact fellow suffers or kindred spirits then check out our useful links. 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Philips Innospire Mini or Omron MicroAir

We have already talked about Mesh Cap Technology which is the secret behind the small popular, portable and versatile MicroAir nebuliser.
It weighs only 300g and independently operates from two AA batteries standard or rechargeable, obviously the better the quality the longer they last, but this should be about 4 hours. It has a simple one button operation and an mains electrical lead which can be bought as an extra.

You can check it out and order by clicking HERE

So how do you decide? 
Well, price wise if you include the AC adaptor with MicroAir there's not too much difference so we recommend you choose the one which fits most suitable with your habits and lifestyle

Do you,
Holiday or travel to an area where AA batteries are easily sourced       
Do you already own AA rechargeable batteries.
Is it dual voltage charger? 
Do  you visit the theatre or cinema a lot and would you like to nebulise silently without leaving your seat?
Have you factored in the price of replacing the mesh cap every 12months in your costings?
If you answer yes to some or all of the above the MicroAir maybe for you.

Or do you
Take adventures to out of the world places where AA   batteries may not be readily available? 
Tour in the car preferring to save your battery power for longer outings
If this outline feels more reassuring then take a look at the Innospire Mini 

You can check it or order by clicking HERE

Both units have efficient speedy treatment times for all typical medications and for those of you who nebulise steroids and antibiotics there is the Pari Mini available and remember these nebulisers will not only encourage to you take that holiday but are there to help you broaden your horizons at home to. 

We all spend time a great deal of time planning and preparing for what we hope will be the perfect well earned break. A little extra thinking in advance will not only help you choose the nebuliser to suit your trip but also give you time to get familiar with its operation. And if you still can't decide feel free to email HERE or call on 01942 701210 and we will try to help. 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Flutter, the Shaker and the Pari O-PEP

Our lungs start at the back of the throat with the windpipe which divides into two airways, one for each lung. In each lung, the airways branch like a tree, getting smaller and smaller until eventually, they form small air sacs called alveoli. Its in the very smallest of these where the oxygen passes into the bloodstream and at the same time waste gases are discarded. The lining of our airways continually produce mucus, which keeps the airways moist, trapping dust and debris that may enter our lungs. Cilia or tiny hairs line our airways and continually move this mucus up to our throat so it can be cleared. 

However for some of you this mucus becomes stickier making it difficult to clear and this can lead to infection making your airways swell and produce even more mucus. This in turn results in further infection which can eventually lead to lung damage. One possible treatment of these symptoms along with mucolytics is airways clearance techniques  and it is  vital that these are recommended and monitored by a physiotherapist as everyone is an individual.

Increasingly many of you have been recommended by your health professional to try Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure devices such as the Flutter the Shaker or the Pari O-PEP. These work by vibrating your airways and applying a “back pressure” during a breath out. This helps to open up your airways by getting air behind the secretions and moving them further up.

The Flutter  is usually used in a sitting position and the angle at which it is held needs to be adjusted to where maximum vibrations can be felt in your chest

The Pari O-PEP is a similar shape to the Flutter and has a jaunty red storage bag

The Shaker comes in the 'classic' shape or you can choose the deluxe version with its more comfortable mouthpiece

To compare our mucus clearance devices click HERE

Having checked with your health professional, those of you who may benefit from a product such as The RC Cornet or Flutter include anyone suffering from medical conditions which result in sticky mucus secretions in your airways, such as COPD, Bronchiectasis,  Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema or Asthma. As with any medical device caution is always wise and they aren’t suitable for everyone. You can find out more about these devices and if you have any of the contra indications at our previous post or click HERE for our website

Friday, 11 February 2011

Portable nebulisers for nebulised antibiotics and steroids

Small but still powerful. 

We often hear the MicroAir and the Innospire Go described as “little gems” and that some of you just couldn’t manage to live a normal life or have a holiday without them. Sadly not everyone is as fortunate and for those of you who have to nebulise steroids or antibiotics a portable nebuliser may mean choosing from the “bricks’ 
So what is available? 
Probably the smallest and most versatile is them all is the Pari Boy Mobile S. Even with its rapid charging lithium battery it only weighs in at just over 500 g. It can be used from the mains electric anywhere in the world and comes with 12 volt DC lead for the car. When used with Pari LC sprint chamber it is capable of efficiently nebulising just about all medications. And now, its even better, as from August 2012 you can pick and choose your accessories with the Pari Mini Click HERE to view.

Slightly bigger but still very popular for steroids is the CompAir Elite C30. It operates world wide from mains electricity and the compressor has a 3 year warranty. The Omron C30’s battery is optional which is a bonus. Its especially handy if you have an Omron mains nebuliser  as the VVT kits are then interchangeable. Click HERE to view 
Don’t be put off travelling with a nebuliser. The holiday companies spend a lot of money this time of year encouraging us to believe anything or anywhere is possible. If your thinking Truro, Tenerife or even Tobago be realistic but optimistic and remember you are the Expert Patient. To check out just which will suit you and your pocket best, click HERE

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Just who is an 'Expert Patient'

Recent posts from Kate and Bill amongst others, along with several recent headlines had us thinking. An Expert Patient is someone who suffers from a chronic medical condition and takes control of their lives using 5 core skills:

Problem solving, decision makingmaking the best use of resources, developing effective partnerships with health care providers and taking appropriate action. All of which means putting people at the centre of their own health

Many councils (you can find yours here Direct.gov) and N.H.S.Trusts run regular programmes to help people understand their chronic medical condition and help them learn how to live with it on a day to day basis. The C.F. trust has encouraged people to use their knowledge of living with Cystic Fibrosis to influence others and the British Lung Foundation through their Breathe Easy Groups provide free practical self management courses and an opportunity share your experience. So on what ever level, be it becoming actively involved, requesting simple advice or just hoping to make a positive change to your health and well being there are many individuals and organisations  waiting to help.

And what has all this to do with nebulisers? 

A nebuliser can be just one aspect of a whole spectrum of treatments  for many chest conditions and, over the course of an average day, we take many calls from worried individuals, desperate to help their friend, relative, sometimes their child. 

However, as previously discussed nebulisers are not suitable for everyone  and there are many other options and treatments to be explored first. Having said that once your health care professional recommends that you may find a nebuliser beneficial, when chosen carefully and used correctly, it can help you to take back control of your life. You can view our full range by clicking HERE

With over 20 years experience and specialist knowledge a great deal of which comes from your feed back we are here and happy to help whatever your aspirations. Though after reading Brians comments  the results may not be quite what you expect !     

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Micro Air & Mesh Cap Technology. What's that all about?

In the MicroAir U22, aerosol  is generated by pushing liquid medication through fine holes in the newly developed metal alloy mesh. This is realised by a titanium vibrator, oscillating at high frequency. 
Precisely !
So, what does all that mean? Who knows ? But what it can mean in real terms is more independence and an opportunity for you to take back control of your life at a very affordable price. You can check it out by clicking HERE
Weighing about 5 ounces and that's including 2 AA batteries, it will fit into a pocket or handbag so you can take it just about anywhere. It's discreet, effective and virtually silent. So,if your New Years Resolution  was that long awaited holiday or just a trip to Tesco the MicroAir U22 could help you on your way. 
Is this beginning to sound like an advert ? Is it too good to be true? Well not really. Not for many many people.

 David emailed to say "Thanks for the great service. I received the Omron U22 this morning, what a difference it is in weight and size compared to the ones I have bought over the past 25 years, which is all the more important with weight restrictions on planes." and Peter commented  
"This Nebulizer gave Ellen the freedom she did not have before and also more quality of life."
and Kate posted to say   she found the confidence with "her MicroAir and Epipen to travel again", even as far as the "Falklands and Ascension Islands"

However as with everything there are a few limitations. 
The Mesh Cap itself can be expensive to replace and needs gentle handling when cleaning. 

The MicroAir U22 has an optional mains adaptor and runs well on regular quality AA batteries as well as rechargeable, but this may mean having to spend more. Unfortunately its not suitable for all medications and can’t be used "hands free"
But please don’t give up your ambitions just yet, if the MicroAir doesn’t fit the bill, or you are still unsure, there are lots of portable nebulisers which you can find HERE to choose, and many organisations offering advice to help make life more accessible for you.