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Friday, 30 August 2013

Fund raising for Nebulisers

Who says the British Public don’t know how to get behind a good cause. Not us that’s for sure.

This summer we have been approached more times than ever before by charitable groups such as Breathe Easy up and down the country, as well as individuals, who have taken part in lots fund raising activities all in order to raise a lump sum of money to purchase and donate a multiple number of nebulisers to their local hospital, hospice or community COPD team.

Many of the media headlines would have us believe that most of us are unhappy and dissatisfied with the treatment we receive from the N.H.S. Well not those of you we generally speak to. Of course all isn’t perfect but the main motivation of those fund raising  is to give something back for the care and attention they or a relative have received whilst unwell. And this summer you have been doing that in spades.

Well done. It warms our heart and when we are met with doubters and cynics you are always the first people we think of. We feel proud that we too have been able to help a little along the way even if its only to help make your hard earned funds stretch a little further.