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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Inspired Inspiration with the Innospire Range

It takes real courage and confidence to change something which to many of you has been a firm favourite for many many years. Well that's just what Philips Respironics have done with the Portaneb Range. The Portaneb has been replaced by the Innospire Deluxe. It still comes in two 'flavours' with the  
Sidestream or Sidestream Plus and having had a couple of demo models here for a while we think it looks pretty modern and quite stylish.

So what possessed Philips to try and reinvent the wheel? Well the new Innospire Deluxe still retains your favourite features such as a smooth running, service free motor, the space to store all your bits and bobs etc., but the case is now more compact and lighter than its predecessor, the on/off rocker switch is  easier to manage and the mains lead is hard wired in which will be a blessing for those of you who struggled to push it in firmly enough or have a habit of misplacing it. The lift up lid now folds back horizontally when your nebulising which will avoid it crashing shut half way through your therapy and as the new Innospire Deluxe  runs beautifully with the Sidestream and Sidestream Plus chambers, that therapy will be as efficient and as effective as always even slightly quicker

We understand you won't all be as excited as us here at Evergreen about the change from the Portaneb range to the Innospire but take a look by clicking HERE, we think you will be pleasantly surprised and with the Philips Respironics brand behind it we feel confident that you will quickly come to appreciate the improvements and in no time at all Innospire will be come a household name.

If its the Inspiration Elite your pinning for the Innospire Essence will be available soon.