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Monday, 15 November 2010

New to nebulisers?

  Here are a few simple questions to consider before buying. 
Is my Health Care Professional happy for me to use a nebuliser? If so consider the questions below and check out our full range by clicking HERE 

Nebulisers aren't suitable for everyone. Your health care professional will know you, your medical condition and if you will benefit from having a nebuliser at home

Which medication will I be prescribed? 
Some medications such as steroids or antibiotics are stickier than the usually prescribed bronchodilators. This will influence your choice of unit as a stickier medication will need a more powerful motor or a specialist medication chamber in order to deliver that medication efficiently . 

How often will I need to nebulise each day and for what period of time? 
Some people only nebulise during acute attacks of their condition, others anything from once a day to 5 or 6 times a day. This can be reflected in which unit you purchase. After all why spend a fortune on something that may spend the best part of a year sitting on a shelf ,or conversely if a unit is being used regularly you need to choose a model which is more robust. We have units to suit all your health and budget needs, to view click HERE

Where will I be nebulising? 
Its important to maintain your lifestyle. Being prescribed a nebuliser doesn’t  mean having to change your ways. Will you just need the nebuliser at home? Or possibly when out and about? Do you take holidays abroad? In the UK ? Do you need the added benefit of a battery or will being able to nebulise in the car be enough? For more portable nebulisers click HERE

It can often seem overwhelming at first when a nebuliser is suggested. Our aim is to help guide you through the process and find a unit that suits you. Both this blog and our web site has links to independant organisations who we know from customer feedback work positively to guide and support you through all aspects of your chest condition. 
And if any of you old hands out there want to join in we would welcome any comments and suggestions that would aid and assist new customers in choosing their nebuliser. 


  1. Good advice, just got a travel nebuliser that works off my car and now have a whole new lease of life. One downside is I now have no excuse not to go shopping with the wife!

  2. What exactly is the aim of a nebulizer? Was connected to one one night whilst in hospital (suffering from Legionnaires) and it seemed so relieving - I mentioned this to the next day's ward round and was told "Oh you can certainly have one of those"! Things were never so bad as they had been on that night and I never followed this up. Ill now, I'm wondering what I should expect from a nebulizer???

  3. Its a good question. A nebuliser has multi uses depending on which medication your medical professional prescribes its aim being to treat prevent or control an illness. Some such as Salbutamol open up the airways allowing you to breathe easier almost instantly, others aid airway clearance and some are antibiotic. More information is available in this post http://evergreennebulisers.blogspot.com/search/label/medicine
    which also contains many links if you which to read further or you can always call us on 01942 701210. The best place to start is your G.P or heath professional as they know you your history and your symptoms. Kind Regards Nigel